Happy times at Kidlitcon

So I am finally back from Kidlitcon, and in as much as I have had only 2 hours of broken airplane sleep I should probably just go to bed, but first I wanted to remember some of the small moments that make me grin to remember them....

There was lots of passion and intensity of conversation, and that was good, and there were of course lots of new friends made, and old friends enjoyed, and that was very good too.

But I also loved these small things:

Me and Jewell Parker Rhodes trying to close the blinds of the conference room, and me saying "I think you pull that" and Jewell pulling and the whole thing breaking off in her hand and us cracking up. (We fixed it, with much help from David, Tanita's husband, who could reach the top of the window (the part where he was perched on the windowsill was scary, and everybody else in the room turned their backs so they wouldn't have to watch if it ended badly) and who was also a Godsend in the tech support side of things.)

Shannon Hale skyping us from her rocking chair, and as Giant Shannon on the screen rocked, I found myself rocking too, and others were as well, and it was just like that scene from Ice Age 2 where Sid the Sloth is being worshiped by the small volcano sloths.

And how happy Melissa was when Shannon Hale called her up (to talk about Skype technical difficulties, but still....)

And most of all, getting to say to Leila--"So, been Slanketing much these days?" (I love saying the word "Slanket."  Simple pleasures for simple minds.)

Come to Baltimore next fall for more good times!

(other people are writing more thoughtful round-up posts- like Hannah's, and I will too, post nap, and the hope is that they will all be rounded up over at the Cybils website)


  1. Aw, those small moments sound wonderful! I'm really glad you had a good time!

  2. Thank you again for everything you did to make the conference happen, Charlotte. As I told a friend, I was in Blog Heaven and not in a hurry to wake up. It was refreshing and encouraging to have a two-day event dedicated to blogging diversity, and to meet so many engaged people. I hope that KidLitCon keeps the conversation going in the following years.


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