The Cybils Shortlists!

The shortlists for this year's Cybils awards have been announced!   These lists are a tremendous resource for anyone looking for great books in a range of children's and YA genres, from graphic novels for kids to non-fiction for teens, with lots of other categories.  The books (nominated by anyone who wants to nominate!) are chosen by hardworking groups of bloggers (teachers/librarians/parents/readers) based on two criteria--literary merit, and audience appeal.

Click here to see what my hard-working panel of bloggers chose for Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction!

Next the books get read by a second panel of seven readers, who must choose a single winner from this list...which would you pick?

If you are a blogger, and you'd like to be part of the Cybils next year (it's lots of fun), look for the call for panelists come mid-August 2015.  Anyone who blogs about children's/YA books is welcome to apply, and new folks are always welcome!

And thank you very much to everyone who nominated the great pool of books from which we had to choose, and to the publisher and authors who sent us panelist copies of books we needed, and to the Cybils organizers for making it all happen!

And of course thank you to the first round-panelists, who read avidly and keenly the 155 books nominated in EMG SF-- Brandy, Cindy, Katy, Maureen, Sherry, and Sondy!


  1. The list looks wonderful. I hereby make it my goal to read all of them this year. Thanks to all the panelists for their work!

  2. I'm so happy to see The Swallow made the cut! I loved the book and didn't think it was getting enough attention. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to narrow down the list. All the finalists sound fantastic. A few were already on my TBR list but I'll have to add the rest.

    1. I think that of our list, The Swallow is the one I'd be most likely to give to my 11 year old self--- I would have been left even more stunned back than then I was as a grown-up!


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