Owl Diaries: Eva Sees a Ghost, by Rebecca Elliott

I bumped Eva Sees a Ghost, by Rebecca Elliott (Scholastic, May 26, 2015), to the top of my reading and review pile when it came in, not just because it is a slim volume written for kids who have just barely moved past the really easy "easy readers" and therefore but the work of minutes for me to read.  No, the reason I want it out of my house tout suite is that I know a little 6 year old girl who loved the first book about Eva the Owl (Eva's Treetop Festival) and will be thrilled to get this one (and making kids happy with books is a lovely thing).

In any event, this second book in the Owl Diaries series follows a young owlet, Eva, as she tells in her diary about the mysterious happenings in her feathered community.  No one really believes she's seen a ghost, but when spooky things happen at school, too, they realize Eva probably did see something truly out of the ordinary...

It's not a Scary ghost book, but there is a smidge of spookiness.  Mainly, though, it's a story about friendship, and Eva and her pals make for good company!  The illustrations are just as cute as they were in the first book, but somewhat less Pink...do offer Eva's stories to boys as well!  Big eyed cuteness has cross-gender appeal....

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  1. I'll have to buy a copy of this one, because my niece has read and reread the first so often.


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