My 48 Hour Reading Challenge Wrap-Up Post

So my final reading time, which ended at 6:18 pm was 19 hours and forty minutes...plus an hour of social media, pushing me to 20 hours, 40 minutes.  I couldn't quite make it to 20 hours of reading.  Oh well!  I read lots of books though, which was good.  I finished 11 books, all with pleasure (although I'm not sure I'll ever be moved to re-read any of them, so they weren't quite Top Books).  Even though they were mostly middle grade, tilting toward spec. fic., there was enough variety to keep me interested.

Palace of Lies, by Margaret Peterson Haddix (368 pp)
Sugar, by Jewell Parker Rhodes (228 pp)
Dragons at Crumbling Castle, by Terry Pratchett (339 pp)
Apple and Rain, by Sarah Crossan (330 pp)
The Girl in the Torch, by Robert Sharenow (304 pp)
The Unmapped Sea, by Maryrose Wood (404 pp)
The Black Reckoning, by John Stephens (421 pp)
The League of Unexceptional Children, by Gitty Daneshvari (240 pp)
Circus Mirandus, by Cassie Beasley (304 pp)
The Inquisitor's Mark, by Dianne K. Salerni (352 pp)
Stormstruck, by John Macfarlane (144 pp)

plus 89 pages of The Well-Tuned Brain, by Peter Whybrow

and listened to the first four discs of Jack, by Liesl Shurtliff.

which is about 3,400 pages altogether.

Now, of course, I have reviews to write for many of these....but I think I might curl up and read a bit more! Thank you so much, Pam, for hosting this!


  1. I couldn't do the reviewing part either, but was glad to get some books read! Thank you for being part of the 48HBC!

  2. 11 books?! Whew! You did great.

  3. Yes, indeed! I worked on only four items and they took up my whole time.

  4. Excellent!! I can't imagine reading that much in a short period of time. Even when I read a few books for Dewey's over just eight or nine hours, I feel so stuffed of words and stories. Great to hear also that they were all good reads.


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