Release day blitz for Eden's Escape. with giveaway

Today is the release day for Eden's Escape, by M. Tara Crowl (Disney-Hyperion, middle grade) sequel to last year's Eden's Wish.

Eden's Wish is the story of a girl trapped inside an antique oil lamp. It might be a luxurious lamp, but it's still a prison,a dn she hates being a genie.  Then she finds a way to Earth, and becomes a regular kd at a California middle school.  But she's not safe--a former genie wants her lamp and it's power. 

Her adventures on Earth continue in Eden's Escape:

"Eden's new life on earth begins in New York City under the guidance of her new guardian: Pepper, a petite, bubbly genie alum who's also a Broadway actress. Before she has a chance to settle in, though, Eden is whisked away for a granting--only to find herself trapped in a laboratory. David Brightly, owner of the world's leading tech company, cares more about tapping into the lamp's power than making a wish and starts performing tests on Eden. With Brightly's plasma shield around the lamp, Eden has no way home. Left without a choice, she escapes the lab and goes on the run. After her daring exit, Eden finds herself on the streets of Paris--home to Electra's headquarters. Left in a strange city with a price on her head (courtesy of scheming Brightly), Eden has to keep her wits about her. She dons a chic disguise and flits around Paris incognito, investigating Brightly Tech. Assisted by Pepper and her old adversary Bola, as well as some new friends, Eden embarks on a quest to retrieve the lamp and protect the secrets of the genie legacy."

I  haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I'm looking forward to it lots!


The blitz wide giveaway is for a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card (winner’s choice). It is open to anyone who can receive a gift card via email. The giveaway run from Sept. 6-20.

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M. Tara Crowl grew up in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She studied Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, then received an MA in Creative Writing at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. She lives in New York City, and you can find her here:

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