This week's round up of middle grade fantasy and science fiction (9/25/16)

I will be SO GLAD when September is over, and I will have either met my Horrible Deadline for a work-related project, or gotten so close that it will be but the work of minutes to finish it.  Once it is done, my house will be clean, the garden will be tidy, and all the books will be read and reviewed!  But in the meantime...stress.  So I have little to contribute to this week's round-up, and if I missed your post, please let me know!

The Reviews

Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians, by Brandon Sanderson, at A Fantastical Librarian

The Boy At The End of the World, by Greg van Eekhout, at Dead Houseplants

The Bronze Key, by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare, at Jen Robinson's Book Page and Got My Book

The Changelings, by Christina Soontrnvat, at Nerdy Book Club

Cogheart by Peter Bunzl, at The Book Zone (For Boys)

The Creeping Shadow, by Jonathan Stroud, at The Zen Leaf (audiobook review) and Sonderbooks

Dark Days, by James Ponti, at Puss Reboots

The Dark Talent, by Brandon Sanderson, at A Fantastical Librarian and Nerdophiles

The Doll People Set Sail, by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin, at Leaf's Reviews

Eden's Escape, by M. Tara Crowl, at Cracking the Cover and Charlotte's Library

Eden's Wish, by M. Tara Crowl, at The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

Gears of Revolution, by J. Scott Savage, at The Write Path and Ms. Yingling Reads

Johnny and the Dead, by Terry Pratchett, at Views from the Tesseract

The Knights of Crystallia, by Brandon Sanderson, at A Fantastical Librarian and Becky's Book Reviews

Masterminds, by Gordon Korman, at The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow

The Ominous Eye (Nocturnals Book 2), by Tracey Hecht, at Always in the Middle

The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart, by Lauren DeStefano, at The Quite Concert

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, by Jonathan Auxier, at Say What?

Red, by Liesl Shurtliff, at Semicolon

Sandry's Book, by Tamora Pierce, at Got My Book (audiobook review)

The Scourge, by Jennifer A. Nielsen, at On Starships and Dragonwings

The Secret Keepers, by Trenton Lee Stewart, at Book Nut

The Seventh Wish, by Kate Messner, at Children's Books Heal

The Shattered Lens, by Brandon Sanderson, at A Fantastical Librarian and Becky's Book Reviews

Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer, by Kelly Jones, at Not Acting My Age

Two at Faith, Fiction, Friends-- Roverandom, by J.R.R. Tolkien, and The Stone of Destiny, by Jim Ware

Authors and Interviews

Alexandra Ott, (Rules for Thieves) at Melissa Roske

Other Good Stuff

The judges for this year's Cybils Awards have been announced--here's the stalwart Elementary/Middle Grade Spec. Fic. crew!  If you are kind of wishing you were part of it too, please consider applying next year!  I always love to see new folks apply, and really, it's not that much more reading than you'd be doing anyway....

And speaking of which, nominations open October 1, so do send us EMG SF panelists lots of good books to read! Books need to have been published between Oct. 16, 2015 and October 15, 2016.  I'll have more info. on the day.


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