No roundup today; but have some Cybils recommendations

Life was too much for me this week, and for the first time since I started doing these round-up (years and years ago) I just can't today.

But, it is Cybils nomination time.  And I always worry about the books published long ago last fall....they aren't 2016 books, so they might end up overlooked.  So here are some that I think deserve to be in contention from last fall. (Although I myself am in two minds about whether The Lightning Queen belongs in speculative fiction or not.....it is magical, but is it magic?  But in any event, it is certainly deserving of nomination!)

And I do have on link for you; Brandy, a co-panelist in elemetrary/middle grade spec fic, has made a nice list of other books that haven't been nominated yet....


  1. Seems that the world is too much with everyone this weekend. Afraid The Lightning Queen is mine. http://msyinglingreads.blogspot.com/2016/01/wndb-wednesday-lightning-queen.html

  2. Cybils recommendation posts are always welcome!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these recommendations--there are a few I haven't read!

  4. I forgot about The Wrinkled Crown!


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