Rebellion of Thieves, by Kekla Magoon

Rebellion of  Thieves, by Kekla Magoon (Bloomsbury 2016), is the second Robyn Hoodlum adventure, the first being Shadows of Sherwood.  This series is a reimagining of Robin Hood, starring a 12 year old girl named Robyn Loxley, whose parents have been arrested by the oppressive regime that controls her city.  Robyn didn't mean to become a famous outlaw with a price on her head, working to thwart the evil dictator Crown and his minions, but with every load of supplies for the poor liberated from Crown's warehouses, her reputation has grown. 

What Robyn wants more than anything is to get her parents back, and so she hatches a daring scheme to free her mother.  She'll compete in Crown's annual Iron Teen tournament, and risk recognition for a chance to get into his stronghold and, with help from her friends, fiddle with the computers and security system, and break her mother free.  But though Robyn does well in the competition (being a thief and outlaw is good for agility practice) there are difficulties, chief among them being that the Sherriff has recognized her.  Robyn and her friends end up deeper in trouble than they've ever been in before...

If you are familiar with Robin Hood, you'll enjoy recognizing folks from those stories.  But even if you aren't, these are good stories in their own right, with compelling characters and interesting and dangerous situations.   A hint of mysticism, including a prophecy, adds fantastical depth and hints of more overt magic to come, but it is Robyn's struggle to live up to her reputation, and to balance her impetuous desire to get things done with the safety of her friends that really makes this installment of the series hum.

Short answer:  very good adventure reading for the 10-11 year old target audience. And another for my diverse speculative fiction list!

Disclaimer: review copy received from the publisher


  1. Oh fun! I didn't know this was out already! I read and enjoyed the first one last year, and I was definitely on the hook to spend more time in that world. I love Kekla Magoon. If I have one wish for 2017 it would be that this becomes the year that everyone learns to appreciate Kekla Magoon as she deserves.

    1. Oh good! It's nice to feel Helpful. This has been out a few months, but Cybils reading happened, so my reading of it was delayed....

  2. Why hasn't my library gotten these books yet? I think I'd better request them; they sound fantastic and I've been looking forward to reading them.


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