The Wish List: The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever!

If you are looking for a sparkly magic story for a seven or eight year old who wants a bit of magical fluff, The Wish List: The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever! by Sarah Aronson (Scholastic, May 30 2017)is a good one.  Though there's magical sparkles a plenty, there's enough heart to it by the end of the book that it leaves a nice warm glow.

Isabelle is a fairy-godmother-in-training, but she's by no means the best student in her class. In fact, she's pretty much the worst....she's the only one who hasn't done the assigned reading of all the rules and regulations and instructions, and though she's enthusiastic about the whole thing (almost obnoxiously so) it's touch and go if she'll be assigned to a practice princess or not.

When she does get her assignment, she's disappointed and taken aback--her princess is an ordinary girl, who doesn't even seem to have made a wish yet!  But as Isabelle spends time with Nora, she comes to appreciate her, and when she realizes that Nora's wish is to have a friend, Isabelle thinks the job's a good as done.  When she tells Nora her wish has been granted, though, Nora is understandably put out that friendship with her has been a job for Isabelle.  Isabelle is perceptive enough to realize this, though, and manages to make everything work in the end in fine fairy godmother style. 

Except that she hasn't read the rule book yet....opening the door to a sequel in which sparkle magic pose problems for both girls!

At first I was very dismissive of Isabelle, who seemed tremendously shallow, but her friendship with Nora deepens her, and I felt bad about judging her for not doing the reading when it was revealed that she needed glasses (then I felt mad at the adults who hadn't realized this before!).  I ended up enjoying the book much more than I thought I was going to, and I'm sure the target audience--the elementary school girl who enjoys a bit of friendship drama along with a nice dose of magic--will enjoy it even more!

disclaimer: review copy received from the publisher


  1. I might need to see if my library can get hold of this - it sounds perfect for my daughter!

  2. This sounds like a really fun book. Makes me wish my grandkids were a little younger! Thanks for the review.


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