BEA and me

Headed home from BEA today, with these beautiful books--

As usual I enjoyed the excitement of it all, but wished I had seen more people I knew.  (Perhaps if I actually used my cell phone as a means of communication this would have happened).  There seemed to be many fewer bloggers this year than in years past, although perhaps I was in the wrong lines....

but in any event, it was a good time, with great books!


  1. It was nice running into you at Book Expo. And I would actually like to talk more about the KidLitCon panel you mentioned.

  2. Wow, that is indeed a beautiful pile of books *-* I have read that BookExpo was limiting the number of bloggers in attendance this year, so I think your impression was probably right.

  3. Oh my, what a hefty load. Reminds me of my Cybils to read piles :) I've been following along with armchair bookexpo, which has been fun. Probably better in person!

  4. Hahahha, oh my God, look at all those books! What a crazy haul!


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