Let Sleeping Dragons Lie, by Garth Nix and Sean Williams

I very much enjoyed Have Sword, Will Travel (my review), the first book by this author duo about a boy and a girl who both become keepers of magical swords, and who, after many adventures, are declared knights of the realm by the very dragon they set off to vanquish.  So it was with much anticipation for a fun, relaxing read that I picked up Let Sleeping Dragons Lie (Scholastic, Oct 30, 2018).  It did not disappoint.

Sir Odo and Sir Eleanor, and their swords, are home from adventuring, but adventure soon comes to find them again when an old blind man named Edga and a warrior named Hundred arrive in their village, and are attacked by bilewolves.  Evil has come to the kingdom, spawned from the ambitions of the young king's regent, his own grandmother.  And Edga, for reasons both personal and politic, is determined to stop it.  But even Hundred, fierce and skilled though she is, can't get the two of them to the capital alive to save the kingdom, what with magically enchanted beasts attacking at every turn.  Fortunately the young knights are ready to step up to the challenge...and fortunately, the young king, though sequestered and seemingly powerless, has a plan of his own....

The rescue party sets out, and adventures ensue; nothing particularly gruesome, but all very diverting!  And the final confrontation is as gloriously magical as all get out, with bonus dragon! The enchanted swords do their bit to the best of their ability, as do Odo and Eleanor, and the fight against tyranny, which includes overblown bureaucracy running rampant, is one that's fun for the reader to participate in vicariously,

I strongly recommend these books to young readers of fantasy--the nine and ten year olds, ready to start of on fantasy quests, swords and books in hand.   They are fast and fun to read, but interesting enough in both world-building and characterization to spark young imaginations beautifully.  There's lots about learning to fight, and then putting it to work, that I think younger readers will especially appreciate.  And I, though no longer that sort of young reader, and a veteran of many wonderful quests, really enjoyed devouring each of them in a single sitting!  So if you are a grown-up fantasy fan, wanting a good read that will keep you happy for a short plane trip or such, that won't tax the tired adult brain, you might consider them for yourself.....

(disclaimer: review copy received from the publisher)

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  1. This sounds like a terrific adventure. I'm particularly intrigued by "the young king, though sequestered and seemingly powerless, has a plan of his own..." I will try to check it out. Thanks for the review.


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