The books my boys are getting for Christmas (a post mostly for future me to remember it by...)

Ever since I've started blogging I've shared the books I've bought as Christmas presents for my loved ones, and it's fun for me to look back at them all!  There was only one year when a child peeked, and he regrets it, so I think it's safe to share in advance....

For my 15 year old son--

Murderbot books 2 and 3 (Artifical Condition and Rouge Protocal) (although he'll get book 2 in advance, to read on the plane)

Made You Up, by Francesca Zappia, who's other book, Eliza and Her Monsters, is his most favorite book of all

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: a Sortabiography, by Eric Idle (which he asked for; he is a big Monty Python fan)

In Other Lands, by Sarah Rees Brennan

For my 18 year old graphic novel loving son--

The Divided Earth (Nameless City book 3) by Faith Erin Hicks

Castle in the Stars: the Moon King, by Alex Alice

Tales from the Inner City, by Sean Tan

Books for my sister (whose reading taste if fairly close to mine, which is nice for both of us)

The Key to Flambards, by Linda Newbery

The Skylarks' War, by Hilary McKay

Emily and the Headmistress, by Mary K. Harris

For my mother (whose taste is less similar to mine, but for whom I can still buy books I want to read too)

The Road Through the Wall, by Shirley Jackson

The Mitford Murders, by Jessica Fellows

And for my 15 year old nephew-Sanity and Tallulah, by Molly Brooks


  1. My son is getting Murderbot 3 & 4, and the Divided Earth! And my daughter is getting Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (which we had out from the library and had to renew about four times) and Aquicorn Cove.

  2. Looks like some great choices! I would love to have a teen in my life to gift In Other Lands to...I have little cousins who will be more exciting to buy books for once they can read independently (the oldest is only 3).


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