The Time Museum, Vol. 2, by Matthew Loux for Timeslip Tuesday

Delia and her cohort of kids training at the Time Museum to journey across the ages are back in another adventure--The Time Museum, Vol. 2, by Matthew Loux (First Second, June 2019).  This graphic novel has all the brightly illustrated fun and excitement of the first volume (my review), and even more danger and suspense.

Delia and the other kids are getting ready for their next time travel mission, with the help of none other than Richard Nixon.  Nixon is a surprisingly capable instructor, and the tips and tricks he provides during training come in very useful indeed when things start going wrong.  Their mission sounded straightforward--travel back to 18th century Versailles to patch up French/US diplomatic relations, but it quickly becomes complicated by a temporal loop that brings future versions of themselves back in time too.  And then things become very strange indeed when all of them travel to a dystopian future, where an old enemy awaits....

I have to confess I totally lost track of what was happening, and couldn't comprehend the plot at all.  I'm not good at paradoxes and causality loops, and though I enjoy many graphic novels, I sometimes have a hard time making the pictures and words work well together.  Though the plot was too much for me, I did enjoy the progress of the relationships between the kids, and their character development, but I liked the first book much better.

That being said, the sci-fi excitement and young teen drama will appeal to many young graphic novel fans, who will doubtless be eager for book 3.  And this is perhaps my favorite fictional Richard Nixon ever....

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