looking for recent dystopian middle grade books

Back in 2017 I wrote a post for the Barnes and Noble Kids Blog about dystopian middle grade books, and I've been asked to refresh it.  Problem is, there haven't been a whole lot of mg dystopian books published in the US since then, and it has to be something available at B and N! I think of dystopian primarily as a systemic loss of civil liberties, although environmental collapse with concomitant social collapse works for me too.

Here's what I've found so far, with help from twitter.  It isn't much, though I have combed through Goodreads and Kirkus, and have myself read about 500 mg books in the past two years. I am wondering if the fact that we are actually living in an increasingly dystopian world is making US publishers less interested in dystopian mg.....

I would love love love more suggestions of books available in the US, especially books by diverse authors!  and feel free to disagree with my classification of any of these as "dystopian."

Suggested, but problematic for my purposes:

FloodWorld, by Tom Huddlestone (Nosy Crow October 2019) only available on Nook right now, so not sure I can use it

The Middler, by Kristy Applebaum (Nosy Crow March 2019) not at B and N

Where the River Runs Gold, by Sita Brahmachari (Hachette Australia July 2019) not at B and N.

2019 Books I haven't Read, which look possibly dystopian:

Darren Simpson, Scavengers (Usbourne, March 2019)

The Rise of Winter, by Alex Lyttle (Central Ave. Publishing, May 2019) looks like it has environmental and societal collapse, but is it "dystopian?"

The Last Human, by Lee Bacon (Abrams October 2019)  Robots have eliminated almost all humans, creating a robot utopia; is it actually dystopian from a human point of view, or just an undesirable situation????

Books from 2019 that I've read:
Metl: the Angel Weapon, by Scott Wilson (Month9books, March 2019)

Rise of the Dragons, by Angie Sage (Scholastic, February 2019), is dystopian in many ways.

Wings of Fire books 11-13, by Tui T. Sutherland

Possibilities from 2018

The Turnaway Girls, by Hayley Chewins (Candlewick October 2018)

Blue Window, by Adina Rishe Gewirtz (Candlewick April 2018)

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