What I've been up to at the B. and N. Kids Blog

blogging here has been slow (just as soon as I finish painting the outside of my house, which I hope to do tomorrow, because goodness knows if there will ever be any nice warm days this fall), but I have been reading lots, and have written several nice posts for the Barnes and Noble Kids Blog!

My posts from the last month are:

10 Middle Grade Island Adventures to Thrill and Delight Young Readers 

8 Great New Middle Grade Action and Adventure Stories! 

Get On the Case with 5 Brand New Middle Grade Mysteries 

From Slightly Spooky to Downright Frightening: 8 Haunting New Middle Grade Ghost Stories

Two were assignments, for which I didn't pick the books myself, two were ideas I pitched to the blog editor.  At the moment I'm finishing off a list post of books with bullying....surprisingly not as depressing to read as I'd feared!


  1. So nice to see these all in one place! I had missed the mysteries one....

  2. How did you get hooked up with BN Kids Blog?

    1. I got an email from the blog editor out of the blue, asking if I'd be interested. It's been lots of fun!


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