and again, no round-up this week

Last week I had no round-up because of home renovation pressure, and in what is a surprise to no one, this weekend I am still renovating, and the pressure is greater because the first family arrives tomorrow (just my oldest son, home from college, so not huge pressure on his account), but then my mother come on Tuesday, and I care more about making the house feel welcoming, and showing what a competent person I am, living my beautiful, happy life...it makes her feel better (at least, I imagine it would make her feel better if she ever thought this....).  No one arriving at the house today would think it a welcoming home, and indeed they would join me in questioning my choices.

But next Sunday it will be too late to do anything about anything, so come back then for your weekly fix of mg sci fi/fantasy goodness!

And in the meantime, registration for Kidlitcon 2020 is now open!  The program is still in progress, but is already looking great!  If' you're interested in being a panelist, do reach out to the organizers!



  1. Hugs to you, friend! The holidays are stressful and home renovations are stressful and my thoughts are with you. Hang in there! <3

  2. Renovations, visiting relatives, and a holiday all at once? Yeah, I'd let the blog slide too. Hope it all goes well. Happy Thanksgiving.


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