Approaching my 2021 in a calm, reasonable manner.

Here is my main tbr pile:

It is very big. 

But it is not as big as it was last year!  (when it was in a different room.  Now I'm using it to help block drafts from a north facing window--Win!)

I am enjoying reading lots of good books I wanted to read! (and this despite the near constant urge to comfort buy books from March to June, and a lack of my normal enthusiasm for reading from March to December....).  And sometimes I take pleasure from just spending time looking through my hoard, getting pleasure from anticipation.

The calm, reasonable part of the post's title is that I intend to spend less time playing mind numbing computer games (pleasant though it is to have a numbed mind), and more time reading, and I will not buy any books until I absolutely can't stand it anymore....I won't be getting any books as presents until next December, and of course there aren't library booksales, so it shouldn't be too hard (?)

I did just get books for presents for Christmas and my birthday--a mix of fantasy and UK children's books, which will be my first priority, and a very pleasant one at that!


  1. I can't quite make out all the titles you got for gifts, but is that a new Connie Willis? And Orphans of Raspay is a fun one (it looks surprisingly thick in hardcover; I just have it on Kindle so I can't tell how long it is). You've got Nikoles: I assume you've read Tuyo? Also great escapist reading, suitable for these times!

  2. Jack is a 1991 novella published by Subterranean in spring of 2020. I enjoyed Orphans lots, and have indeed read Tuyo!

  3. I have a pretty huge TBR pile as well and very little restraint when it comes to buying more. Sigh. I have to be better about that! The lack of library book sales during the pandemic has helped in that way. Thanks for the post.


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