The Magical Cupboard, by Jane Louise Curry, for Timeslip Tuesday

I was tremendously pleased when my sister came to visit me this past weekend, bringing with her a copy of The Magical Cupboard, by Jane Louise Curry (1976), which she had cleverly bought for me in a used bookstore along the way.  It's the sequel to Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Time, a classic time travel book that I enjoyed.

Rosemary, the main character of the first book, has only a walk on part here--in the present day of the book, she's anxious to find a magical cupboard that played a part in her first time slipping adventure in 18th century America (at least, I guess the cupboard did, but I don't actually remember it....).  In any event, we soon leave Rosemary to see what's happening in 18th century New England.  

The cupboard, a beautiful thing, with intricate carvings, has been stolen by a nasty preacher and his wife, who have made a living profiting from witch trials and embezzled orphans.  One of these orphans is Felicity, who crawls inside the cupboard one cold night when she's supposed to be keeping watch over the preacher's belongings as they travel west in search of new money making schemes.

Wonderfully, Felicity finds herself in a warm and comfortable room, with strange "dragons" whizzing outside...she doesn't know it, but she's in Rosemary's time.  It is all to brief a visit for my taste, but it does set up events for the cupboard to be returned in the present to the family from which it was stolen.

Much of the book involves the evil schemes of the parson and his wife, and the journey west.  Felicity is a fine orphan, making good and finding love and prosperity after much adversity.  

I enjoyed it, but wish we'd seen more time travel, and more of Rosemary!  

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  1. I own or used to own Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Time, although I don't really remember it, but I am sure we never came across this sequel.


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