This week's round up of middle grade sci fi and fantasy (5/21/23)

Here's what I found this week; let me know if I missed your post!

The Reviews

Aboard the Time Line, by Bastian Gregory, at  Bookworm for Kids 

Bloom, by Kenneth Oppel, ar Proseandkahn

The Book of Stolen Dreams, by David Farr, at Pages Unbound

Charlie Hernandez & The Golden Dooms, by Ryan Calejo, at Kiss the Book

The Firebird Song, by Arnée Flores, at NW Book Lovers

Future Hero #1, by Remi Blackwood, at Mark My Words: 

Kelcie Murphy and the Hunt for the Heart of Danu (The Academy for the Unbreakable Arts #2), by Erika Lewis, at Mark My Words

The Lake House, by Sarah Beth Durst, at YABookNerd

Mace and Hammer (Del Toro Tales #3), by Darby Karchut, at Log Cabin Library: 

Midwinter Burning, by Tanya Landman, at Scope for Imagination

Mission to Shadow Sea (Future Hero #2), by Remi Blackwood, at Mark My Words and YA Books Central

Revenge of Queen Rose, by Valinora Troy, at Hayley Reese Chow

Small Bites Back, by Hannah Moffatt,  illustrated by Rory Walker, at Book Craic

The Thief of Farrowfell, by Ravena Guron, at Sifa Elizabeth Reads 

The Witch of Woodland, by Laurel Snyder, at Unleashing Readers

Authors and Interviews

Laurel Snyder (The Witch of Woodland) at The Yarn (100scopenotes.com)

Matt McMann (Escape From Grimstone Manor) at From The Mixed Up Files

Other Good Stuff

Children's Book Picks UK - May 2023 at Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books

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