The spoils of our journey

There is part of me that would have liked to have been a Victorian world traveler, bringing back treasures from around the world and creating Displays with them. In that spirit, here is the loot from our recent trip to the Great Smoky Mountains and back- all four of us, with our disparate ages and tastes, are represented here. My 5 year old's favorite book, The Red Lion, was being read when the picture was taken, and so sadly was left out, hence the awkward photoshopping (and as far as I am concerned, the red lion is guilty of false advertising--none of the interior lions, which aren't even that prominently featured, are red. But, having swallowed without question the dictum that children must chose their own books if they are to become Readers, whatever. It works for him).

All in all, I was rather disappointed. Although I am pleased with some of my books, I never once squealed with glee...The best book of the lot is not shown, because it is a Christmas present for my sister, and I wrapped it and left it at our parent's house, where, if all goes well, I will remember to look for it come December.

We are going to Vermont tomorrow for a wedding. Our friends thoughtfully picked a part of the state where there are many used book stores, so I am filled with fresh hope...

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