Following a preamble about my day, an introduction to a new blog to love, and a tip of the hat to an old(er) friend

I just got the Love Your Blog Award from Aerin at In Search of Giants, which provided a much needed lift on a sticky evening--the sort with blood, broken glass (the two are unrelated--the blood came from the nose of my five year old's erstwhile best friend--will said friend be able to forgive? will said friend's mother take the apologetic call I made in a forgiving spirit?), rejected suppers, and assorted colds (although nothing went wrong at work). So anyway, it was nice to be loved.

Fortunately there is a new blog to quickly pass the award onto before anyone else does--The Enchanted Inkpot, where, if you head over now, you can read a fascinating entry on fantasy in Asia by Cindy Pon.

And I'd also like to pass it on to The Spectacle, another blog by fantasy/speculative fiction writers, which I have been enjoying very much!

And now I have to go watch my five year old's pet scrubbing brush (ala Traction Man, for those who know that lovely picture book) have his swimming lesson in the bathroom sink.


  1. I hope said friends' mother can forgive you, and that rejected suppers don't happen too often - it's awful when this happens! I hate it!


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