VOYA's list of 33 best Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Horror for teens

Here is VOYA's list of last year's thirty-three best science-fiction, fantasy, and horror titles for teens. VOYA is a library magazine ("the Voice of Youth Advocates"). Last year, incidentally, includes a bit of 2009.

Not surprisingly, there are many familiar titles on the list (Graveyard Book, Hunger Games, Battle of the Labyrinth), but it was nice to see a few books that haven't gotten much recognition. One of these, whose inclusion will make several people I know (co-panelists for the Cybils) very happy, is The Unnameables, by Ellen Booraem.

It's also interesting to see what didn't get included...

Amd continuing this line of thought, over at Wands and Worlds, Sheila has just posted a rather more in depth discussion of book lists and book buzz and undiscovered gems.


  1. I LOVE that cover.

    Oh, and:

    I'm passing out awards.

  2. Yay, The Unnameables! I still wish we could've shortlisted it!

    And Aerin, do you mean you love that cover? It didn't work for me. Gave me no sense of what the book was going to be, and wouldn't have made me curious enough to pick it up. So glad I did, though!


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