More Exciting News--a new Elinor Lyon Book!

So there's this series of books by this Scottish author, Elinor Lyon, which were published in the mid-20th century, about some children who run around wild in Scotland having adventures, and they are rather good. Many American libraries stocked them, but have since gotten rid of them, and they are pretty hard to find (my own little library, bless it, didn't get rid of anything for years and years, and still has a few, which is how I know they are good. Check your library--maybe they still have some too; if you live in Rhode Island, you are in luck, except that annoyingly no-one has the first few books of the series). Fidra Books, a relatively new Scottish publishing venture, has reprinted the first three of this series, with more to come. Which is nice, but not the exciting part.

The exciting part is that Fidra is going to be publishing The Shores of Darkness, a never before seen book! (It's set in Wales, which is always a plus in my mind. I desperately wanted to be Welsh when I was young).

Here's the Fidra blog entry that tells all.

It's always so comforting to know that there will be books one can ask for as future birthday presents that one will really want.

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