Sue Barton has been republished!

I just got an email from a friend with the following announcement:

Image Cascade Publishing is proud to announce the release of:

The Sue Barton Series by Helen Dore Boylston! The seven book series includes:

Sue Barton, Student Nurse
Sue Barton, Senior Nurse
Sue Barton, Visiting Nurse
Sue Barton, Rural Nurse
Sue Barton, Superintendent of Nurses
Sue Barton, Neighborhood Nurse
Sue Barton, Staff Nurse

Please join us in welcoming this iconic series back into print! For the past nine years, this series has been at the top of the list of series requested by our customers. We know that Sue Barton fans, Helen Dore Boylston fans, and readers of nostalgic works will revel in reading and re-reading this captivating series with its lively, bantering dialogue; true-to-life characters; and realistic, descriptive scenes of a thriving nurse's life and career. In these fresh new softcover editions, we have recreated the original cover art and text of the series. The cover art for the first five volumes is the rarely seen work of Forrest Orr. The final two volumes boast the lovely, colorful Major Felten covers. Ms. Dore Boylston's heirs have approved these editions with resounding support and enthusiastically applaud the re-release of this popular series.

This is great news! I have them all, but some are ratty paperbacks from my youth that won't stand much more re-reading.

If you haven't read these, they are wonderful. They are funny, with wonderful characterization, and it is amazing how undated they seem (which is actually potentially a problem :) because children like me will accept 1930s medicine, social work in New York, and rural health issues uncritically--I was surprised when I realized, quite late in life, that ether was no longer being used routinely).

Image Cascade Publishing are the same great folks who brought back Beany Malone and others. I hope Sue does well for them! And then perhaps they will reprint Boylston's Carol books, about the theatre, which far fewer people have had a chance to read.


  1. Thank you very much for posting this comment regarding the Sue Barton series! Image Cascade Publishing has now also republished the Carol Page theatre books by Helen Dore Boylston.

  2. I am thrilled I have found her books ! My memories of 40 years gone by, flashes in my mind,the good old school days !! My school library had all the 7 books of the Sue Barton Series ! We used to to be a graet fan of Sue and wait to get our turn to read the doctor nurse romance series !!

  3. The books also have a lot of real wisdom, for instance in the tribulations of the first year of marriage.


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