The Edge of the Forest is up

The June issue of The Edge of the Forest (an online monthly journal of children's literature) is up, and looks especially tasty:

* An interview with singer-songwriter—and author of Middle Grade fiction—Dar Williams, by YA author Carrie Jones.
* Poet J. Patrick Lewis graces The Edge of the Forest with a bittersweet original poem.
* Sarah Stevenson (a.fortis) and TadMack (Tanita S. Davis) talk vampires in Fiction with Fangs.
* Not one, but two Summer Reading features: Julie M. Prince takes reading to the pool and Sarah Mulhern suggests summertime reading for kids of all ages.
* Gail Gauthier is this month's Blogging Writer.
* We have three great columns this month: Candice Ransom considers The Long Summer for A Backward Glance, teacher Stacy Dillon gives us her students' picks for Kid Picks, and Little Willow tells us What's in Teens' Backpacks this summer.
* Reviews in all categories—from Picture book to Young Adult.

I shall now go read it...

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