In For Winter, Out for Spring

Generally when I read books of poetry, I try to carefully consider the poems and the illustrations, and think about why, or why not, they work for me. This wasn't the case when I read In for Winter, Out for Spring, by Arnold Adoff, illustrated by Jerry Pinkney (1991, Harcourt Brace and Co.). Instead I found myself thinking about the girl who is speaking the poems. I wanted to be little again myself, and to be her friend. The book is a verse story of her year, and I would like to play in the snow with her, dig the ground after the frost is over, pick mulberries, carve pumpkins, and so on, back to winter.

Which is not to say that I wasn't also appreciating the lovely poems as poems and the gorgeous illustrations, because I was. But the poems and pictures, with their focus on one little girl's experience of family, home, her garden, and the natural world, combine to paint a vivid picture of one very nice girl and her loving family that is more than the sum total of the parts.

Here's a poem I especially liked, but of course Blogger, bless its little heart, isn't letting me format it exactly the way it is in the book. Arggggh.

My Older Brother
Once Told Me He
Was the Ruler Of This Hedge
Year I had to Have Permission
To Pick Wild Violets For Mom

This Morning Aaron
In A
And I Am The New Boss
Of Hedge Trees
And Mole Holes
And Violets And Black Bugs

Thanks very much to Elaine, of Wild Rose Reader, from whom I received this book during her Poetry Month giveaways! It is truly lovely.

Poetry Friday is at A Wrung Sponge today!


  1. This sounds simply lovely. I am putting it on my wish list right now. Thanks!

  2. Charlotte,

    I'm glad you liked the book. The art and text work together so well in this collection.

  3. Love it. Thanks so much for sharing it and for dropping by my blog. My chives thank you for the kind words.

  4. Cloudscome--as I reading this, I was thinking of you, and wondering if you'd read it!

    Elaine--thanks again!

    Suzanne--thanks for stopping by!


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