off topic-- roses on my barn

We wanted a red rose climbing up the barn, and voila--there it is! It will be three years old next month. The barn is 108 years old.

For pictures of the gardens of other bloggers, visit A Wrung Sponge.

My husband adds: The Rosaerie in Maine seems to be able to get most roses to grow quite far north. This one has the rather mundane name Parkdirektor Riggers. Unfortunately the genes for "climber" and "red" outshove the gene for "scentiferous."


  1. How lovely. I've always wanted a climbing rose, but this far north, they don't get too far/high. I'll enjoy yours instead, Charlotte!

  2. Yes, lovely. I could never get plants to behave like that! :-)

  3. Wow! That is really beautiful. I am really impressed! Thanks for joining the tour.

  4. Thank you, Cloudscome, for having me!


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