Waiting on Wednesday--The Magic Thief: Lost

Here is a present I am going to buy myself on May 12th:

The Magic Thief: Lost, by Sarah Prineas.

Or I might well pre-order a signed copy (which you can do here).

I looovveeddd Prineas' first book, The Magic Thief (a Cybils short list; here's my review), and it makes me so happy to think that I'll have book number two in my hot little hands in just a few weeks! And hopefully book number 3, The Magic Thief: Found, not too terribly long afterwards...it's just recently been copy-edited.

(as well as liking the words inside, I think these are very handsome books qua books. They are nice to hold and look at...friendly yet lavish)


  1. I, too, was really excited by this book! So fabulous! And I can't wait for the sequels!

  2. i haven't heard of this series but thanks for the info. sounds good!

  3. I have a copy of The Magic Theif on my shelf at work-I need to read it!


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