Favorite childhood books of the authors we love, inscribed and signed, are being auctioned...

Would you like to own a copy of one of Neil Gaiman's favorite childhood books, with a signed inscription from him inside? Or one of J.K. Rowling's? The Little Auction that Could gives you a chance to bid on these and more, to raise money for a pretty special library.

Karla Preissman, a mother from Florida with a passion for books, wanted a library for the abused and neglected children who live at the Hibiscus Children’s Center. So she came up with an extraordinarily ambitious, and delightfully simple, fundraiser

She asked famous people to sign their names in a copy of a book that influenced or delighted them back when they were children, and, beginning today, they are being auctioned off.

Here are some of the books, with their inscriptions:

Jane Goodall, Tarzan (If only Tarzan had married the right Jane)
Maya Angelou, Story of Phillis Wheatley (To the winning bidder at Hibiscus Children`s Shelter, Joy! Maya Angelou; July 24, 2009)
Jason Taylor, Tom Sawyer (Read & grow!)
Sean Connery, Treasure Island (Best wishes)
Philip Knight, The Kid from Tomkinsville (Just do it!)

What a great way to celebrate books and kids!

(photo by Robert Holland)


  1. Excellent idea, love to hear about the books that inspired other people. My inspiration was and will always be Peter Pan. There are lots of other wonderful books out there too!


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