Tell Me a Story: Women of Wonder

Women of Wonder, the third volume of the Tell Me a Story audio book series, offers 68 minutes of stories from around the world. The tales and legends included are a wonderful addition to the story world of any listener-the selections reach beyond the more common stories of the fairy tale cannon, and they feature brave girls and young women using their wits to succeed.

The stories are:

"The Cleverest Tune," (Britain) read by Bryce Dallas Howard
"The Goddess and the Ogre," (Cambodia) read by Jessica DiCicco
"Whisker of the Lioness," (Ethiopia) read by Margot Rose
"The Lady and the Judge," (Turkey) read by Wendy Hammers
"Reindeer Maiden," (Siberia) read by Yvette Freeman
"Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind," (America) read by Paula Poundstone.

With the exception of the last story, my children and I were unfamiliar with these tales, and it was delightful to make the acquaintance of this diverse collection. It's diverse not only globally, but narrative-wise as well, offering as it does a most entertaining mix of magic, smarts, and the supernatural.

My only disappointment was with the music that compliments the stories--I wish it had been as diverse as the stories themselves (although my children had no complaints).

Women of Wonder was the winner of the 2009 Parents Choice Gold Medal and 2009 NAPPA Gold Medal for story telling. For more about volumes 1 (Timeless Folktales from Around the World) and 2 (Animal Magic), visit MythsandTales.com.

(review copy provided by the producer)

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