Pictures of the bookshelves in my bedroom

I like seeing pictures of other people's bookshelves, and so decided to start sharing my own.

The first picture is several stuck together because I couldn't back away far enough--the chimney should be wider and not end in a white strip of nothing-ness. Oh well. On either side of this sticking out chimney, my husband built shelves--this was tricky, because of the slope of the mansard roof, and because the house kind of isn't straight anymore (the top of the door frame slants; the shelf is straight). These are the books I see when I sit in bed.

To the left are English school stories and holiday adventures, WW 2, ballet and drama, D.E. Stevenson, and other miscellaneous comfort reading type books. To the right things get a bit schizophrenic. Here my husband's collection of poetry and his shelves of Mervyn Peake and Lewis Carroll fight with my L.M. Montgomery collection....We both love Ursula Le Guin, so she gets the sweet spot in the middle.
Next to my bed there is this small shelf, that speaks for itself:

And finally, on top of the dresser are these books, all but a few of which are English. Any other Elfrida Vipont fans out there? In the center of the top row is my absolutely most favorite comfort read, Sally's Family, by Gwendoline Courtney.

There are 10 more rooms/hallways with books in them still to come....eventually.


  1. See, you HAVE TO be friends with someone who has a dedicated DWJ/Connie Willis bookshelf right next to the bed. You just HAVE TO.

  2. I am seriously envious of all that built in shelf space.

  3. Aw, man...and ten more rooms. Thanks for the peek.

  4. This room is the best of the bunch, though...until my husband builds the next lot of bookshelves downstairs!

    I'm worried about DWJ and Connie Willis, though- for the moment, they are living happily together, but anyday my copy of Blackout is coming back to me, and I'm getting All Clear--and then Connie won't fit anymore...so probably Laini and Megan will make the leap over to this one...

    But then someone is going to have to move downstairs. Especially since there are more Sherwood Smith books coming into my life, and another McKillip.

    Oh well, it's a good problem to have!

  5. I love looking at other peoples books cases as well. I can't believe how many books you have!

    I put photos of my shelves up in June. The first link is here http://mistysmess.blogspot.com/2010/06/bookcase-babble.html

  6. I love looking at other people's bookshelves. I'm jealous of all the shelves that you have! My books aren't organized very well because I don't have enough shelf space so I end up just sticking them where there's still room.

    LOL at the bookshelf full of DWJ books.

  7. Oh, gorgeous! I'm having an attack of shelf envy...

  8. Wow. Great shelves! I think my bedroom is the same color as yours. I love it. :)

  9. All that space, all those books singly open to display. Much as I love my books, I long for the day that I have longer shelves and can stop double-shelving.


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