Notes from the Blog Stats--summer reading deadlines approach

I like to look at my blog stats--among other things, it's interesting to see how the google searches that bring readers here change with the seasons. At the end of summer, for instance, it becomes clear which books I've reviewed are required summer reading somewhere out there...and it's interesting, as well, to see the hysteria of the procrastinators growing. From simple, calm, searches on titles this week it will move to desperate scrambling for "10 page book report on [book x]" and "detailed plot summary for [book x]" next week...

This week two books in particular are getting a lot of attention. The first is Red Glass, by Laura Resau. It's a lovely book. Here's my review, written years and years ago, which might actually be useful to someone writing an essay about Resau's Use of Metaphor in Red Glass.

Stuck on Earth, by David Klass ( my review) is the second book. If you haven't read this one yet, do, and then come back if you think the snail creature from space is real! Here's what I said back in the day: "I generally prefer to know it if the narrator is a delusional figment or a real entity, but here the uncertainty worked beautifully, underlining the lack of hard and fast solutions to the problems of Tom's life. As Michelle (the girl next door) puts it: "I'm starting to like you," she confesses, "and I"m not sure whether I'd rather have you turn out to be a crazy boy or a perfectly sane snail creature" (page 175). I am still wondering which I prefer myself.

Both lovely books, so I'm glad they're being read (giving the google searchers the benefit of the doubt).

For those who check their stats as much as I do--can you tell what books from your reviews have been required?


  1. I don't really check my stats, but just found out that my blog is read most by my students-- 5 of the top ten searches to get to my blog were combinations of Ms. Yingling. On the upside, they are using Ms.! So much for worldwide fame and fortune...

  2. haha, yup I can tell. My review of the True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle is one of my most popular posts when it comes to google searches. Usually it's combined with desperate pleas for "full summary" or "what happens in the end" :P

  3. I kind of suspect that "what's the plot of Into the Wild?" may be one of those. Besides that, one of the most popular searches is for a Hungarian mushroom soup recipe I mentioned a few years ago!

  4. I dunno, Ms. Yinling--I'm pretty sure I've used your name to get to your blog at some point! So your readers might be more far flung than you think....

    I can see True Confessions being assigned! But Into the Wild would be more fun for summer reading, I think!


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