This Week's Middle Grade Science Fiction and Fantasy Round-up

Welcome to another week's worth of the mg sff posts I found in my blog reading this week! Please let me know if I missed yours.

The Reviews:

13 Curses, by Michelle Harrison, at Donna St. Cyr's blog

Aliens on Vacation, by Clete Barrett Smith, at TheHappyNappyBookseller

The Boy at the End of the World, by Greg van Eekhout, at Jen Robinson's Book Page and Manga Maniac Cafe

The Cabinet of Wonders, by Marie Rutkoski, at Anita Silvey's Book-a-Day Almanac

Candleman: The Society of Dread, by Glenn Dakin, at The Book Zone (for Boys)

Cart and Cwidder, by Diana Wynne Jones,at Just Booking Around (reviewed last week by this blog's other reviewer as well)

Dragon Castle, by Joseph Bruchac, at Charlotte's Library

Dragonbreath: No Such Thing as Ghosts, by Ursula Vernon, at Charlotte's Library

The Elsewhere Chronicles: The Shadow Door, by Art Bannister and Nykko, at Wandering Librarians

The Fires Beneath the Sea (Sykes Children Book 1), by Lydia Millet, at The Ranting Dragon

Five Children and It, by E. Nesbit, at Becky's Book Reviews

Fly Trap, by Frances Hardinge, at Book Nut

Hera: the Goddess and Her Glory, by George O'Conner, at Fuse #8

It's the First Day of School...Forever! by R.L. Stine, at A Chair, a Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy

The Magnificent 12: The Trap, by Michael Grant, at The O.W.L.

The Mostly True Story of Jack, by Kelly Barnhill, at Eva's Book Addiction

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, by Jonathan Auxier, at Back to Books

Phillipa Fisher's Fairy Godsister, by Liz Kessler, at Fantasy Literature

The Phoenix and the Carpet, by E. Nesbit, at Becky's Book Reviews

Princess Academy, by Shannon Hale, at Candace's Book Blog (audio review)

Ravenwood, by Andrew Peters, at Geo Librarian

The Search for Wond-la, by Tony Diterlizzi, at Great Books for Kids and Teens

Thresholds, by Nina Kiriki, at Random Musings of a Bibliophile

Time at the Top, by Edward Ormondroyd, at Charlotte's Library

The Time Spell (Friends Forever) by Judi Curtin, at Nayu's Reading Corner

The Trouble With Being a Horse, by Emily Edwards, at Manga Maniac Cafe

A True Princess, by Diane Zahler, at Ms. Yingling Reads

The Wierdstone of Brisingamen, by Alan Garner, at Fantasy Book Review

Wildwood, by Colin Meloy, at Candace's Book Blog

Zita the Space Girl, by Ben Hatke, at Madigan Reads

Authors and Interviews:

Mark Jeffery (Max Quick: The Pocket and the Pendent) at Cynsations

Jennifer Nielsen (Elliot and the Pixie Plot) at From the Mixed Up Files...of Middle Grade Authors

Candy Gourlay (Tall Story) is this week's guest at Katherine Langrish Fairy Tale Reflections series

Frances Hardinge (Fly Trap) at Playing by the Book

Other good stuff:

At Sci Fi Signal, a number of authors answer this question: "what other genre books [besides Ender's Game and Harry Potter] would you recommend for a 9 year old to help encourage a love of reading and of the genre?" A variety of fascinating answers ensue. (me: Ender's Game for a nine year old? uh...not so much). For sci fi I myself would pick The Green Book, by Jill Paton Walsh, and for fantasy, Odd and the Frost Giants, by Neil Gaiman. Both these books pack a wonderful punch, the sort that makes your eyes go big as you read, and both are short and written simply.

The Magnificent 12: the Trap is on tour; I was stop 3, where you can find links to stops 1,2, and 4 (coming next week).

Here's a post on the books that influenced Frances Hardinge (Fly Trap, etc.) at Playing by the Book

And here's a post on the books that influenced JRR Tolkien at The Book Lady's Blog; most interesting to us mg sff fans is the fourth of these:

"The Marvelous Land of the Snergs, by A. E. Wyke-Smith

Tolkien called this 1927 collection of tales about a Hobbit-like character (a Snerg) named Gorbo (who is “only slightly taller than the average table”) a “Sourcebook” for The Hobbit and read the book to his children. Read more about the similarity between Snergs and Hobbits here."

And in other news:

the Hugo Award winners have been announced

Lenore has a recap of Week 3 of her wonderful Dystopian August

And for those of us who might want to live in a fairy tale cottage, here are some of the best around. I don't think I could stand this one:

But I do rather like the low exterior maintenance of this one:


  1. Charlotte you will love Aliens on Vacation.

    My favorite two Magical houses The Alice in Wonderland House in Londonand the Winter Cottage Australia

  2. Lots of fun links this week in addition to the reviews!

    I liked the Gingerbread cottage and the Alice one. Except I would only want one of them if I could hire someone to do the outdoor maintenance. So really I guess I like the rock one you pictured there best. I don't do plants. That pink princess atrocity would be like living at Disney. There is only so much of that I can take (5 days once every 5 years).

  3. I could NOT imagine living in that first house.... Too much pink!


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