Deep Thoughts From Bea (not really)

Don't you just hate days when you wake up and realize that you are going to fail your children? You'll notice that I am not in line outside the Javits Center, waiting in line for a ticket to see John Green so that I can get his autograph for my boys. I also kind of liked the look of the Good King Wenceslas advent calender that was being given away at a ticketed signing (Christmas is just around the corner)...but not enough to drag my weary self out of the house just yet. (I only had one (generous) cocktail at Little Brown's lovely party last night, so it can't be that.....).

I have noticed no bloggers behaving in anyway other than pleasant attendees. The only person I saw behaving badly was an older man who was not a blogger jumping nimbly over the white chain that had closed a signing.

I found one of the books I really wanted discarded in the mail room--What Came from the Stars, by Gary Schmidt. The nice person at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt had looked for one for me, but didn't have one....so it was rather pleasing to encounter it, sad and abandoned, and give it a good home.

I have been, however, very good about not ending up with books I won't read. Since I self-sabotaged myself on purpose by not bringing a wheeled suitcase, I can only take what I can get from the Javits Center to Penn Station.....


  1. With three teenagers, I have a stock phrase for when I disappoint them all, daily. "SOME mothers love their children." They'll survive!

    And I have a wheeled suitcase on my list of things to look for in preparation for next year!

  2. I wonder if you could find a post office near when BEA is being held and mail the books you have gotten at BEA home to yourself. Then you wouldn't have to worry about packing them and I think the postal service still has the book rate. Maybe something to consider for those who are going to attend next year.


  3. Meh - John Green will be there when they're old enough to get their own signatures. Conversely, you can ask him if you can send him something to sign; they're really good about that.

    Still want to see this BEA hair. I'm just sayin'...

  4. It was very nice to see you again at BEA. Hopefully, we will meet again at the Kidlit con (and I can return your tote bag). I can completely understand not making it to the ticket line at the crack of dawn. That's why I don't even kid myself about maybe going. Hope your trip back was good.

  5. Congrats on scoring What Came From The Stars on a lucky sort of whim! :-)

    Also, I did pretty much the same thing during BEA, I only took what could fit in my tote bag and told myself I could only fill one tote, so as to limit myself.


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