Diverse Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction Books that haven't been nominated for the Cybils yet

It was a slow Cybils nomination day for Elementary/Middle Grade books, which distressed me because 1.  there are lots of great books that haven't been nominated 2.  I check every half hour or so, and feel sad when there is no new nominated book.
So in case you are wondering what to nominate, I've been making little lists, like this one of books published at the end of this years eligibility period (which is Oct 16 2014-Oct 15 205), and books published at the beginning of that period.
Todays list is diverse books!  Diversity isn't a criteria by which Cybils books are judged, but it is always good to be able to offer the world a shortlist that includes diverse authors and characters.  It's hard to do this, though, when those books don't get nominated.   The Elementary/Middle Grade Spec nominations so far (71 of them) include some diverse books, but not a whole heck of a lot.  So here are some additional ones that could be nominated.  I haven't read them all, so I can't actually speak to their quality, but if you have read one and loved it, please give it a chance! (the ones crossed out are now nominated).
With diverse protagonists--
Nomad, by William Alexander 
Smek for President, by Adam Rex
The Book that Proves Time Travel Happens, by Henry Clark
Phyllis Wong and the Return of the Conjuror, by Geoffrey McSkimming
Mars Evacuees, by Sophia McDougall
The Lost City, by J. &  P. Voelkel
The Second Guard, by J.D. Vaughn
By diverse authors (please let me know that I'm missing lots here!)
The Dragon's Guide to the Care and feeding of Children, by Laurence Yep and Joanne Ryder
Hunters of Chaos by Crystal Valasquez
The Toymaker's Apprentice, by Sherri L. Smith
Dayshaun's Gift, by Zetta Elliott
With a protagonist who has a disability--
Six, by M.M. Vaughan
The Copper Gauntlet, by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
Please let me know what other eligible diverse elementary/middle grade spec fic books published in the last year that you can think of, and if they haven't been nominated yet, I'll add them to this list!

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  1. I was going to nominate A House Divided for middle grade, but I saw it was already nominated.


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