My Second Impression of You, by Michelle I. Mason, for Timeslip Tuesay

My Second Impression of You, by Michelle I. Mason (Sept. 20th, Bloomsbury), is a fun YA romance (and even upper Middle Grade readers) fueled by a very interesting time slip plot.

16 year old Maggie is sure that her perfect boyfriend, Theo, is going to ask her to prom when he suggests meeting up at a coffee shop, but instead, he breaks up with her.  Stumbling back to her car, she falls and hurts her foot.  Theo does nothing to help, but his best friend, Carson, who Maggie has never liked, is there and drives her home.

Maggie turns out to have broken a foot bone, and needs surgery, and her life, which centers around drama and dances, crashes down to mingle with the loss of Theo.  She wallows in self-pity.  So when she gets a text offering her the chance to revisit the best day of her life, she can't revisit, and installs the app.  She'll go back to the wonderful, giddy, fairytale day when she and Theo first met.

But this time around, the app keeps intruding, showing her the day from other points of view.  Her best friend has a secret that might ruin the love and trust between them.  Theo is not exactly the romantic hero Maggie had thought.  Carson is more than just Theo's unwelcome wingman.  And so Maggie is forced to think about things that in her self-centered way had never occurred to her....All that she missed the first time around pushes her into being a better, more aware person, and gives her the gift of someone much better than Theo....

The app doesn't deliver it all in one day, so Maggie's real time life keeps getting knocked out of kilter by bits of new information, making her character growth more believable.  She has to work hard to process and act on what she learns, and though the reader might want to shake her (she's isn't very likeable for the first half of the book or so), she does get there in the end.

Michelle Mason is the author of Your Life Has Been Delayed, another fascinating and thought-provoking YA time slip/romance (my review), and I appreciated the interesting twist on time travel she's come with here too.  Maggie was really in the past, and the app had to poke her to keep her from changing things, so it was more than just watching a movie. The app isn't explained at all, and I can't help wonder why Maggie was the chosen one....

It's a really fun premise, well delivered, and the developing romance was sweet.  It was a fast and absorbing read, with the bonus of me wondering what I would do if I were Maggie, and what day I'd want to go back to if I were Maggie....and what I might learn.

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