This week's round up of middle grade sci fi and fantasy from around the blogs (9/25/22)

The MG SFF round is back again; it was painful to go through my feeds when I got back from vacation to see all the posts I missed in the previous two weeks, but it was a nice and much needed vacation.  Please let me now if I missed your post from this past week!

The Reviews

*Alliana, Girl of Dragons, by Julie Abe. at Mom Read It

Amira and Hamza Series (Books 1 and *2), by Samira Ahmed, at The Bookwyrm's Den

The Battle of the Snake (The Adventures of Crimson and the Guardian #1) by Karen Cossey, at Say What?

*Children of Stardust, by Edudzi Adodo, at Say What?

*Darkroom, by K.R. Alexander, at Ms. Yingling Reads

*Dragon Destiny, by Kevin and Katie Tsang, at Sifa Elizabeth Reads

*Frigg’s Journey to Anasgar (Chronicles of Nadavir #1) by Deb Cushman at Say What?

The Girl and the Ghost, by Hanna Alkaf, at By Singing Light

*The Girl in White, by Linday Currie, at Charlotte's Library

Green Ember series, by S.D. Smith (books 2-4) at Valinora Troy

*Healer and Witch, by Nancy Werlin, at Children's Books Heal

The Little Match Girl Strikes Back, by Emma Carroll & Lauren Child, at Scope for Imagination

Little Women: Mermaid Edition, by Megan Lois Whitehill, at Independent Book Review

*Ravenfall, by Kalyn Josephson, at Ms. Yingling Reads

Relativly Normal Secrets, by C.W. Allen, at Say What?

*Serwa Boateng's Guide to Vampire Hunting, by Roseanne A. Brown,  at  Nerdophiles, The Bookwyrm's Den, and Ms. Yingling Reads

*Shad Hadid and the Alchemists of Alexandria, by George Jreije, at Say What?

*The Sisters of Luna Island,by Stacy Hackney, at Lazy Day Literature

*Tall Tales (Once Upon Another Time, #2) by James Riley, at Bookworm for Kids

A Tangle of Spells (A Pinch of Magic #3) by Michelle Harrison, at Say What? 

*A Taste Of Magic (Park Row Magic Academy #1), by J. Elle, at Charlotte's Library

*The Tiltersmith, by Amy Herrick, at Always in the Middle

The Treekeepers,by Kieran Larwood, at Magic Fiction Since Potter

War of the Wind, by Victoria Williamson, at Book Craic

A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking, by T. Kingfisher, at Hidden in Pages

Authors and Interviews

Margi Preus (*Windswept) at The Horn Book

L.T. Getty (The Mermaid and the Unicorns) at Jazzy Book Reviews

Sarah Allen (The Nightmare House) at MG Book Village

Mike DiCerto (A Nick of Time) at Nuttin' But Books

Other Good Stuff

The public nomination period for the Cybils Awards runs Oct 1-15, followed by a week for publishers and authors to fill in gaps.  As always, I want All the Books nominated, and so please start thinking about what books you want to show love for! I've put * next to the books in this round up that are eligible (published in the US or Canada from Oct 16 2021 to October 15 2022); as always, let me know if you see a mistake.  NB -- Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative fiction doesn't take books only available digitally.

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